A Logo Vs. A Brand

A Logo Vs. A Brand

Here’s a reality check: a company can have a beautifully designed logo that does a great job of being memorable and recognizable, but still have a terribly articulated or poorly performing brand.

Why? Because a brand is SO MUCH MORE than just a logo. A brand is what takes a company to the next level by assigning a specific personality and consistent expectation to the organization.

Wait...there's a difference between a logo and a brand?

Ask yourself a question: If you cover up the logo on any of your marketing materials, would know know who or what company the piece is for?

What is a logo? It’s an easy-to-recognize design element that typically includes a company’s name and sometimes a defining visual within specific colors. It’s a tool that helps communicate and represent a broader brand.

What, then, is a brand? It’s EVERYTHING else. A brand is everything from positioning and messaging to visual design to tone to any experience a customer has with the company (online or in person). Your brand, simply put, is the experience people have when the come into contact with your company.

A logo is certainly a helpful piece in your overall brand journey, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Help your colleagues understand this -- and understand that everyone who works for the company is also a direct representation of the brand, too (especially while wearing the logo on a shirt!).

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