Benefits Of Working With A Boutique Marketing Firm

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Maybe you’ve realized your business could benefit from some outside marketing support. Congratulations! what?

There are countless firms and agencies to choose from, ranging in size and location and approach and specialty -- it can be incredibly overwhelming.

Here at REDVYNE, we’re a boutique marketing firm, and so we wanted to share a bit about what working with us might look like versus a larger agency:

So, why might you want to choose a boutique firm over a big agency?

Flexibility: We are smaller, which makes us more nimble. We can quickly redirect on a campaign, and our smaller teams are able to work in lockstep, pivoting as needed. We’re also able to be more flexible when it comes to choosing the services we’ll be offering you. We want to put together the plan that will help your organization achieve its best results!

Consistency: Because we are a smaller team, you’ll have fewer people working on your business. As a result, you’ll get to know the people working with you, and we hope to develop strong relationships as a result!

Speed: Things can often move faster at a smaller boutique firm simply because there are fewer internal levels and processes to work through. This doesn’t mean attention to detail is sacrificed; it just means we can often have deliverables ready to go more quickly.

Attention: We have fewer clients, and so we’re able to give the clients we do have more of our attention. You will hear from us regularly and should never feel as though you’ve been put on the back burner while we hunt down new business.

Budget-Minded: We can make a budget stretch, and treat your money as we would our own. We view it as a challenge when we have smaller budgets to work with, and use it as an opportunity to get creative. Bigger agencies might turn up their noses at your budget, but we know all organizations have different amounts they’re able to dedicate to marketing, and we want to make something work within your budget.

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