Finding Christmas Spirit as a Small Business Owner

It's the most wonderful time of the year...isn't it?

Maybe as a small business owner, it's not quite that simple for you. Perhaps you have been overwhelmed with keeping your revenue up because it's a slow time of year. Or maybe it's the opposite - this is your big business push of the year and you are busy trying to take advantage of it all.

No matter your situation, you may find yourself ragged and weary in these last few weeks of the year. But rather than indulging yourself in the latest Hallmark flick and a glass of wine, here are some ideas to expand your heart with some "Christmas spirit" during this holiday season.

1. Do something to thank your clients and customers.

Send out holiday cards, hold a "customer appreciation" sale, or even set out a candy dish or cookie tray next to your checkout register. It does not have to be anything big or expensive. Look for small ways to show gratitude to the people who give you their business.

2. Do something to thank your employees.

Good employees are invaluable. Hold a holiday party, give them a gift card, or take them out to lunch. Consider your holiday hours and how that impacts them. Give them shout-outs on your social media pages. Make sure that your employees feel appreciated and cared for, especially at the holidays.

3. Consider volunteering locally.

Volunteering can provide great exposure for small businesses while investing in and giving back to the community. It may be easier at the holidays to find opportunities for your business to volunteer. Consider taking over a shift at your local soup kitchen, or setting up an "angel tree" in your facility so that your employees and customers can give to those in need.

4. Join a parade!

While many of the local parades here in the Triad may have already passed, make sure to tuck this away in your brain for next year! Many of the local parades allow businesses to ride or walk in the parade at no-cost or low cost. This can be a GREAT way to "get in the Christmas spirit" while also putting your business in front of your community. Make sure to grab some big bags of candy to throw for the kids, or (if you have the time), create individual bags with your business cards or coupons to hand out to parade spectators!

Here at REDVYNE, our Christmas wish for you is that your business is prosperous. But more than that, we hope that you are filled with love and gratitude this Christmas season.

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