Grow Your Facebook Page With This Easy Tip!

Facebook page owners now receive notifications that looks something like this:

"Sally Smith, Susie Jones, and 9 other people reacted to your photo. Help them see future posts by inviting them to like your Page."

These notifications are relatively new to the platform; however, the ability to invite people you like your POST to also like your PAGE has existed for several years. Using this Facebook feature is one of the KEY ways to grow your Facebook page organically.

grow Facebook page
Using Facebook's invite feature is one of the KEY ways to grow your Facebook page organically.

Here are the steps to follow to invite people who like individual posts to like your page:

1. On any post, photo, or video, find the space underneath that shows the reactions. It normally is a series of emoticon reactions and a number. Click on the number.

2. This will pull up a box with the names of all of the people who reacted to your posts and what reaction they gave. It will also have a box with one of three options:

  • Liked: people who already like your page

  • Invited: people you have already invited to like your page

  • Invite: people who don't like your page, but liked the post

3. Clicking "invite" will send them a one-time notification to like and follow your Facebook page.

This feature is available on your personal computer as well as your mobile devices (both the regular Facebook app and the Pages app).

It truly is that simple. When you start checking every post you publish on a regular basis, you will see your page start to grow over time.

Who are these people? How did they find your post?

If the post is not a targeted boosted post or ad, it probably showed up in that person's news feed because one of his or her friends liked, commented one, or shared your post (probably one of your existing fans). This is Facebook's way of spreading YOUR content by "word of mouth." The more mutual friends a person has that follow you, the more likely it is that the content will show up in their feed.

This means that these individuals MAY live in the same locale as your existing fans and / or have similar interests to your existing fans. If you are not utilizing this Facebook feature, you are truly missing out on what may become some of your newest dedicated fans.

Also, this feature is on every post your Facebook page has ever published. Meaning, there may be people from years past just ready and waiting to receive your invitation to their page!

One of the first things our team does when we take on a social media client is to check every single post they have every published to send all of the invitations they had not sent. This may seem quite tedious, but it is very mindless work and easy to do when you are watching TV or listening to a podcast. Recently, by employing this strategy, we sent over 700 invitations within a 24 hour period, resulting in 50 new fans literally overnight.

Obviously, not every person who is invited will like your page. That's okay! Because some will. Also, you don't have to worry about this being spam, because invitations only get sent ONCE to each person. Once the invitation is sent, you cannot invite them another time. It is up to the person to respond.

So look back through your posts, and start checking this feature on a regular basis. Grow your page organically, letting Facebook do most of the work!

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