How to Maintain Your Branding During the Holiday Season

When you think of Christmas, maybe your mind navigates to red and green or silver and gold. However, if your every-day brand is a mix of non-holiday colors, you may be feeling lost at the holidays. You may even give up and just slap your logo on the first Christmas tree stock image you find. Instead, here at REDVYNE, we would like to show you some examples of how to maintain your branding and STILL celebrate the holidays with your social media followers!

Paul Ford, Co-Founder & CEO of Postlight, says this about holiday branding strategy:

"Being creative and playing with your content during the holidays is a great idea. But straying too far from your fundamental brand (from address, logo, etc.) can be a dangerous game. Your recipients need to be able to recognize you during this busy time of year."

1. Stay consistent with your signature color

Stock image sites, even free ones like Pixabay, are actually flush with holiday-themed images in a spectrum of colors (even pink, purple, orange, and blue)! When searching, use your color as a search term. Pair it with words like this:

  • ornament

  • gift

  • sparkle

  • bokeh

  • tinsel

  • glitter

  • mug

You can also find an image that's primarily neutral colors (like silvers or golds) and then use your signature color as your text color, border, or other accent.

2. Avoid holiday fonts

Holiday fonts are fun and cute, but they can interfere with having a consistent look year-round. Stay with your signature fonts and accent with background images to give your images a holiday feel.

3. Look at the experts

Take a few moments to assess how big brands brand for the holidays. Perhaps they keep their fonts and change their colors. Perhaps they go for an overall holiday feel. Check out how some of the top coffee companies handle their branding:

We don't even have to tell you what brands these are, because they are distinctly recognizable, even with changes to fonts and colors. Take your cue from the top brands!

4. Remember that your brand's message is top priority

Some brands are easier than others to adapt to the holiday season. Don't sacrifice your brand's message for red and green holiday memes.

Get creative. Search on places like Google, Pinterest, and Etsy using terms like (your business field) + "holiday" or "Christmas."

5. Let REDVYNE help

Do you have more questions about your holiday branding? Reach out to us via e-mail or social media to see if we can help!

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