SEO For Beginners

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO): the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.

You’re familiar with the term, certainly. You know it’s something you need to be focusing on. But SEO can be an intimidating thing to wrap your head around if it’s new to you! There are many ways to outsource SEO (and if you don’t have an in-house expert, that can be a great move), but it’s still helpful for you to understand the ins and outs.

We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few pieces of information to help you learn more about what SEO really IS. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro (or at least, feel confident enough to know what you’re talking about!):

  1. Good SEO doesn’t just make your website more search engine friendly. It also makes your site better for your customers to use.

  2. SEO helps make your site’s content available to search engines (so when people type a query into their search bar your site will show up as a result when it’s relevant to that query). It also helps boost your site’s rankings so that YOUR site will show up in more easy-to-find places. Increasingly, the web is becoming more competitive, so having good SEO is key to being a strong player in your industry.

  3. Different factors that can impact your SEO’s success include:

  4. Technical (affecting the performance and visibility of your site, including indexing, site structure, URL structure, and more)

  5. On-Page (your content, along with elements like HTML tags)

  6. Off-Page (anything that’s not on your site, such as social media marketing, product review, and user-generated content)

  7. SEO strategies differ based on platform. For example, you need a different approach for YouTube than you do for Google.

  8. Keep people at the forefront of your approach. Remember -- they’re the ones inputting the search queries! Think about how and where and why they’re searching, and optimize against those things.

Stayed tuned to learn more about improving your website's SEO.

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