Use Social Media To Drive Web Traffic

Social media is such an important marketing and branding tool these days, but if you’re not being smart about how you use it, your social media efforts can fall short. Developing quality social media content and a consistent presence takes dedication, and so you definitely want to be applying a few best practices in order to make your content drive your bottom line, too.

From a consumer standpoint, social media is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage with brands and the people behind them, and they expect quick responses and relevant content. Don’t be afraid to let consumers see the humanity behind a brand. They respond well to that! A positive and responsive social media presence can help bolster your brand and build a community of dedicated consumers around it.

Want to make your social posts impact your bottom line?

It’s undeniable that social media is here to stay -- at least for the foreseeable future -- so today we’re sharing a handful of tips on using social platforms to drive website traffic:

Make sure you fill out your profile in full. Simple, but a good reminder. You do, of course, want to give a brief and clear synopsis of your business’ products or services, but make your website prominent, too, so consumers can find it easily! The last thing you want to do is have someone interested in your brand and then frustrate them by making it hard to find your URL.

Spread the word(s). If your company has a blog, be sure to use your social media profiles to promote it. Along the same lines, you want to incorporate links (when relevant) back to specific sections of your website in your blog posts. Remember how we talked about using social media to engage customers and grow a loyal following? Consistently sharing helpful blog content is a wonderful way to help achieve that following. Also, think of more bite-sized ways to share your blog content to make it go even further. For example, create a graphic using a quote from a blog post and use that as a social media post in addition to sharing the post in full.

Grab your customers’ attention by making your posts visual. You may be sharing amazingly relevant posts, but if they’re all text-based it’s likely many of them will go unnoticed. Think about how you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or Twitter as a consumer. There’s SO much content out there, and so incorporating some visual elements into each post make it far more likely that they won’t be missed. You can get creative with this, too, adding not just photos and videos but also gifs, infographics, pulled quotes, testimonial quotes, and more.

Make sure your customers know what you want them to do. Whether you’re sharing a new product or a sale or a blog post, give your customers a clear call to action to increase the likelihood of them, well, taking action! Do you want them to visit your site, share your post, or click here? Be sure to let them know.

Invest in paid social ads. Once you have a good sense for your audience -- people who are engaging with your content and converting as customers -- start paying for social media ads against audience groups that mimic your existing customers.

Pull in influencers to boost your reach. Partner with bloggers and influencers who can help amplify your content. They can help customers see your products and services in action, and act as a real-world reviewer of your brand. Plus, they’ll introduce your company to their following, many of whom may not have heard of you before! Make sure they drive people back to your site to help with conversion (and that they also implement those clear calls to action).

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