Social Media Marketing in a Pandemic

"Social Media Marketing" and "Pandemic" are not words we ever expected to pair together in a blog post, are they! This kind of marketing is completely unprecedented, and there's not an easy how-to guide for navigating this.

Here at REDVYNE, we have a wide variety of local, small-business clients who are facing a lot of different things because of fallout of the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders. We understand that some businesses are more impacted than others. What we would like to do in this post is give you some basics, as well as to highlight some things our clients are doing well on their social media pages. We hope that this give you some ideas for your own accounts.

1. Remember the main goal.

While each business will have their own focus during this time, there's one thing we can all agree on: we want our clients and customers not to forget about us. When the world "reopens" for business, we don't want to fall by the wayside. In this crisis, the most important thing is just staying in front of your consumer base, reminding them, "We are still here!"

2. Connect with your audience.

Get personal. Your consumer base already knows that these are "hard times." They don't need trite reminders. They do need to see YOU - whether you are a one-person business or a team - YOUR faces, a reminder that there are real people being impacted by this, just like they are.

TIP! Live video is more important than ever right now, because people have more time on their hands to watch your feeds!

3. Talk about the virus.

Show how you and your brand, business, or team are making life and business work. Share how you are keeping your employees and customers safe. Share how you are adapting your products to meet the current needs!

4. Resist the urge to make it ALL about the virus.

This isn't meant to be contradictory advice. We need to relate about Covid-19, but in other ways, we are all tired of hearing about it. Feel free to talk about something else entirely, to get people's minds on something more positive!

5. Engage with your local community.

If there's an opportunity for you to get out and make a difference and share that with your followers, DO IT. Your clients and customers will remember those who helped the community in this crisis.

6. Share positive stories, quotes, and hope.

Above all, stay positive. We love how one of our clients did a series of #tellmesomethinggood live videos highlighting their team members and the things for which they are thankful!

Making a branded graphic of a quote can do a lot to "fill space" when there's not much else to say or do:

We hope that this has given you some good ideas of how to fill your social media feeds in the coming days and weeks. Let us know how we can help!

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