Social Media Strategies for the New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at REDVYNE! As we head into the new year, lets discuss a few social media tips, strategies, and ideas for you to start off on the right track.

1. Look back!

As much as we may be eager to start off the new year fresh, it is extremely valuable to look over the past year of your social media accounts to see what has worked and what has not.

Delve into your Facebook and Instagram account insights. On Facebook, navigate easily to your post insights with this URL:

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "See More" to look over your last few months of posts. What jumps out at you for posts with high reach? Is it humor? Is it images you have made? Is it links to your website or products? The answers may surprise you!

2. Ask your audience about their goals.

Maybe social media is overwhelming to you because you simply do not know what your followers want to see from you. What will engage them? What will inspire them to like and share your content?

Ask them about their goals and resolutions for the new year in a "Happy New Year" post. People love to talk about themselves on social media, and their responses will give you valuable insight about the kind of people you are reaching. What resolutions have they made? What are their goals? What problems do they have that you can possibly solve for them? Let their feedback guide your content creation for the upcoming year.

3. Stay abreast of platform changes.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving. It can be easy to get stressed about finding the "perfect" strategy that will work with the current algorithms. It's unfortunate, but the social media strategies that worked last year or five years ago may not work this year.

We don't recommend obsessing over algorithm changes to the point of severe stress, paying big money for courses that promise to know "the secret" to hacking this year's algorithm, or spending hours on social media research like our marketing specialists might. That said, it might be worth your time to spend a few moments Googling things like "2020 social media trends" or "what's changing on Facebook in 2020."

4. The only thing that's algorithm-proof is YOU!

Trends come and go. Algorithms change. Platforms evolve. But people are still people, and you are still you.

People, regardless of platform, value kindness, respect, consistency, and authenticity. Whether your have the "perfect" strategy or not, you will find that these values will keep your most devoted fans, followers, and customers coming back to your page, engaging in your content, and sharing with their friends.

Resolve this year to foster these values within your heart and let them flow out into what you post on your social media accounts.

Let us know how we can assist you in your social media in 2020 by checking out our social media services page.

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