What Your Color Palette Can Say About Your Business

Color has meaning and power. It can influence how people feel, and it will stick with them as they think of your brand. (In fact, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Whoa.)

That’s why it’s important to give lots of thought to color while you’re developing your logo and other key branding elements.

Color can influence brand recognition by up to 80%. Make sure you choose that palette wisely!

Here’s a quick peek into what certain colors can evoke. Keep them in mind as you make color palette decisions for your brand!:

1) Red: Passion, Excitement, Energy, Danger

This is a powerful color! It’s bold and confident, and should be used with caution given its strength.

2) Orange: Creative, Young, Carefree

Because this color is associated with fun and youthfulness, it tends to be the best fit for more playful and informal brands that are geared toward younger audiences.

3) Yellow: Optimistic, Happy, Playful

It’s the color of sunshine, after all! It can also be used to convey caution, though, and can be hard to see in a certain context.

4) Green: Nature + Wealth

Green can mean two very different things, so be careful with its usage! If you’re going for the natural feel, choose a brighter, lighter green. Darker greens convey prestige and,well, money!

5) Purple: Royal, Spiritual, Mysterious

This is an uncommon branding color, and is typically recommended for brands targeting women.

6) Blue: Trustworthy, Calm, Authoritative, Sad

Blue is the most preferred color overall, and has a broad range of emotional responses. It can be used for just about any industry, but be sure it’s not overused in yours while you’re working on your branding.

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