When #momlife meets business

I snuggle down into our couch and pull my son close. It doesn't matter that it's nearly 9:30 PM on a March evening...it's time to watch Mary Poppins.

I'm exhausted after a fun (but busy) week with a client at a Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. It was lots of business but a little bit of fun, including a visit to the Neon Museum and the Bellagio fountain. As exciting as it was, all of that pales in comparison to this moment, here with my little boy.

Being both a small business owner and a mother to two small children is a daunting task most days. I don't think I could write an easy how-to post on how I do it, or write a tidy tip-list on work-life-mom-life balance. It's just not that simple.

Some days (weeks...months...) it's all business: 60-80 hour work weeks, websites to build, clients to help, posts to schedule, designs to print, employees to pay. Other days, I'm able to set it all aside for fun adventures like tagging along to Tweetsie Railroad with a gaggle of kindergartners. I'm not sure I would have been able to be a part of these moments without REDVYNE.

Some days my office gets overrun by Easter eggs or school projects. Other days, I'm burning the midnight oil late on a Friday night while my babies sleep peacefully in their beds.

The bonus comes on days when my business life and mom life intersect, like how I was recently able to print t-shirts for my daughter's softball team which I'm blessed to help coach.

Building a business while being a mom is challenging, BUT it's worth every minute knowing I’m building a future for my family and being an example to my children of the awards of hard work.

To all the moms out there trying to juggle family, kids, and a career: we get it.

Happy Mother's Day from Redvyne!

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