Writing Memorable Marketing Copy

Content is everywhere. Marketing is everywhere. Words and images and photographs -- they’re EVERYWHERE!

So how can you make your brand’s marketing copy memorable? How can you ensure it will stick with people in your target audience?

The short answer? Don’t overthink it.

The secret to writing memorable marketing copy? It's simpler than you think!

Yes, that sounds incredibly counter-intuitive. If it were so easy, why wouldn’t everyone be killing it at the marketing game? Well, because often people DO overthink it. They feel compelled to incorporate buzzwords that often fall flat or are hard for consumers to remember because they’re being used by so many brands. They try to talk about too many product or brand attributes at once, making the overall message muddy.

Clearly and simply articulate what your brand or product offers. (For example, we know that M&Ms “Melt in your mouth, not in your hand” and that at Subway, you “Eat fresh.”)

But it goes beyond a tagline. Keep clarity in mind for ALL copy.

Here’s something that needs to happen in order for you to have that clear, concise marketing copy, though: You need to first distill your product or brand down to a singular, focused thought or attribute. It’s such a hard exercise, but it’s a critical one if you want to be sure consumers are able to quickly understand -- and remember -- what it is you offer.

After all, once YOU truly understand what your brand brings to the table -- what’s at the core of its differentiation -- you no longer need those fluffy buzzwords to tell people about it.

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