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Did you know?

According to Forbes, 2019 is the first year in which 50% of the GLOBAL population is now active online. When it comes to business, marketing, branding, or running a company--social media is no longer optional, it is necessary. How well you manage your social media accounts can make or break your business. 


If you don't have experience with social media, thoughts of keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram while running your business can be very daunting. That is where REDVYNE can help.


REDVYNE has a team of social media marketers who are experienced and knowledgeable in the realm of social media. They have a combined 15+ years of experience and keep up with the trends, so you don't have to!


For more tips on how you can get started freshening up your social media accounts, check out these two blog posts:


50.8% of the global population is online

what's included


Our team will work with you to create a general marketing plan to meet your goals. We'll create a monthly snapshot of what your social media accounts will look like across all platforms you're currently using. 


We'll create and curate all of the content for you ahead of time, promoting the content that you want while using our knowledge to create content that we know works and is optimized for each social media platform. We'll follow the monthly plan and send you your weekly social media schedule ahead of time for approval  and feedback. All posts we create for you will be in line with your business goals while stying true to your business brand!


Our team will post all content to each social media account for you! Our research gives us insight into the optimal times to post to each social media platform for the most engagement and visibility. 

How it works

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Our initial discussion will include learning about your business, looking over your existing social media accounts and followings, and talking about your business goals, values, and vision. 



After our initial discussion, we will create a plan that works for your business goals and your budget. This plan can include monthly or weekly themes that coincide with trending hashtags, weekly business specials and promotions, or upcoming holidays. 



We can maintain an ongoing relationship where we manage your social media indefinitely. We can also work to formulate a plan whereby we train you to manage it well and then hand it back over to you!

Sample posting schedule

Michelle at RedVyne is amazing at what she does! She has a vision to brand your business and make it stand out from others. She creates the entire package and makes sure everything is included in your branding from the smallest to the largest items. She goes over and beyond when asked to come up with additional products and tools for your business. She is simply the best there is at creating and implementing your entire marketing strategy.